CT scans can be reviewed and interpreted by a certified Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist.

Our team can format your scan to any software and customize it to fit for your practice.  This
will reduce staff training time, salaries, costs and give you more time to be with your patient
and less time sitting at the computer.

Additionally, we give free training and tech support 24hrs / 7 days a week.

Planning software can be purchased and set up for your office. We will consult with you about
all the technologies available and which would work best for your practice
In The News!!
NEW: BIOMET 3i™ Tapered Navigator® System compatible with our Surgical Guides

The new Tapered Navigator® System for guided surgery is now available through BIOMET 3i™. Working in tandem with our
SICAT's planning software and surgical guides, the Navigator® System delivers four levels of guided control:

* Angulation for improved restorative outcomes,
* Hex orientation for immediate provisionalization,
* Depth for security and
* Position for soft tissue maintenance.

For more information on the Tapered Navigator® System please check with your local 3i™ representative.

SICAT Surgical Guides offer a precise and cost effective implementation of your digital implant plan.  SICAT offers the option of
using guided surgical systems in conjunction with SICAT Surgical Guides. Guided Systems offer a completely guided workflow
from the optional tissue punch and initial drilling to the implant insertion.  The following guided systems are
currently supported:
■■Astra Tech Dental
FacilitateTM Instrumente
NavigatorTM System
■■CAMLOG® Biotechnologies
Camlog Guide System
tioLogic© position
■■MIS Implant Technologies
MGuide Instrumente
■■Nobel BiocareTM
Nobel GuideTM Chirurgisches Kit
Guided Surgery
Guided Surgery